March 6, 2023
4 Signs It’s Time To Pressure Wash Your Outdoor Areas
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4 Signs It’s Time To Pressure Wash Your Outdoor Areas


In Southwest Florida, we have the incredible luxury of year-round outdoor living. Most people have extended patios, pool decks, and other outdoor areas they enjoy throughout the year. As you enjoy lunch on the patio or your morning coffee by the pool, you might wonder if it’s time to pressure wash your outdoor areas. We want you to get the most enjoyment out of your outdoor space, so here are some signs it might be time for a pressure wash!


1. Outdoor areas have stains or erosion

If you notice stains in your driveway, sidewalk, patio, or pool deck, it’s a definite sign to pressure wash. Pressure washing will remove the stain and leave the surface looking pristine. Additionally, if any outdoor space of your home consistently has standing water or has excessive dirt from erosion, it’s a sign to call in a professional for pressure washing. Heavy water or erosion can damage your paver or concrete surfaces if left untreated. So, anytime you see stubborn stains, dirt, grime, algae, or mildew, schedule your pressure washing service to remove all of those problems!


2. Outdoor areas look dull or dim

Maybe you don’t have any obvious stains or debris on your outdoor surfaces, but they just look dim or dull. They lost their pristine appearance! This is another sign to consider pressure washing. Even if there’s nothing specific to clean off, pressure washing has many benefits for sidewalks, patios, driveways, and pool decks. Pressure washing brings back that bright and clean appearance that makes your outdoor areas look brand new! 


If you don’t have any stubborn stains or debris, pressure washing your home takes very little time. At Triple Crown Pro Wash, our pressure washing process uses the very best tools and techniques to leave your home and outdoor surfaces with a sleek and clean finish. 


3. You haven’t used the space in a while

Even though Florida promotes year-round outdoor living, you might have areas of your home left unused during certain parts of the year. If you’re gearing up for another full season of backyard pool parties after a slow winter, it’s a good idea to hire pressure washing services for your pool deck. You’ll remove any buildup from the offseason and boost your home’s curb appeal with a pristine pool deck! 


Additionally, when you pressure wash any outdoor areas of your home or business that aren’t typically used, you make every space outside more functional and enjoyable for everyone. We see this often in common areas of commercial properties or home backyards with areas used only seasonally.


4. It’s been a year since your last pressure wash

Finally, if you look at the calendar and it’s been a year or more since your last pressure wash, it’s time to call for a complete pressure wash. We typically recommend pressure washing around once a year for maintenance. This prevents excessive mold, algae, and mildew buildup over time. So, not only are you keeping your outdoor surfaces looking clean, but routine pressure washing also protects the lifespan of your outdoor areas. For outdoor spaces with a lot of foot or vehicle traffic, it may make sense to pressure wash more often.


What time of year should you pressure wash your house?

This is a common question with pressure washing services because we understand you want to get the most out of each pressure wash. Triple Crown Pro Wash can pressure wash your home or business year-round, but there are also particular times of year you should consider pressure washing. 


The spring and summer months are very popular times to be outside in Florida, so it’s wise to schedule power washing services this time of year so your outdoor areas are spotless and protected for the busy season ahead. However, if any of the reasons above apply to your home or business, it’s ideal to have your area pressure washed regardless of the time of year.


Contact Triple Crown Pro Wash For Your Southwest Florida Home or Business

Spring and summer are rapidly approaching, which means it’s time to get your outdoor areas in top condition! Triple Crown Pro Wash is the top pressure washing company in Fort Myers, FL, committed to providing the highest quality service for your home or business. We provide residential and commercial pressure washing, roof cleaning, and paver sealing that leaves your home or business looking like royalty. In addition, we offer a free quote for our pressure washing services, so contact the Triple Crown Pro Wash team today to start the process and get back to enjoying your outdoor areas!



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Published: March 6, 2023
Author: Triple Crown Pressure Washing
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