June 6, 2022
5 Reasons to Pressure Wash a Pool
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Top 5 Reasons to Pressure Wash a Pool

Being able to enjoy your own pool also comes with the downside of keeping it clean. It’s something you don’t necessarily notice or think about when it’s a public or community pool, but pool maintenance takes a lot of work. Between keeping the proper chemical balance and maintaining the safety of the pool area, you’re left with some daunting tasks. One of those biggest tasks is keeping your pool clean, but the best method is solved by professionals. They can pressure wash a pool to save you a lot of hard work by removing dirt, algae, and grime in a fraction of the time. 

Keeps Your Pool Clean

An open area like your pool deck can attract leaves, dirt, trash, and other debris. Instead of letting it blow into the water, you can pressure wash a pool deck to remove all that buildup. The absolute last thing you want is a pool full of dead bugs and trash when you’re taking a break from the heat! Trying to pressure wash it yourself could do more harm than good. Pressure washing can be dangerous, and without the knowledge to operate the machine properly, you could end up hurting yourself or blasting debris into your pool. A professional pressure washing service will know how to remove the debris safely and carefully, leaving you with a clean pool and pool deck. 

Removes Algae, Mold, and Bacteria

Your pool uses a combination of chemicals to prevent algae and bacteria growth in the water. But once those chemicals splash onto the deck, they get more diluted. That means algae, mold, and bacteria have a warm, damp environment to grow and spread. Florida humidity only speeds up the process, making for an unsanitary and unattractive pool deck. There’s good news, though; pressure washing can kill and remove those contaminants while keeping them from coming back. Unfortunately, mold and bacteria present health risks, while algae can spread to your pool and cause costly repairs. 

Preserves Pool Deck

When you pressure wash a pool, you aren’t just removing surface dirt and debris. Pressure washing also removes deep stains, weeds, and mold that could cause harm to your pool. Regular maintenance and cleaning will make your investment last a lot longer and keep it in great condition. 


Mold can cause permanent stains, but luckily, pressure washing uses enough PSI to reach mold that grows below the pool deck’s surface. That’s not the only problem with mold, though. It can also deteriorate your pool deck by eating away at its surface and eventually getting inside the deck. Pressure washing can clear out mold hiding below the surface, preserving the life of your pool.


Some weeds are strong enough to cause cracks as their roots spread, and a pressure washer saves you time and elbow grease in getting rid of them. In addition, weeds can grow in areas you wouldn’t expect, like between pavers or cracks in the concrete. They can even grow under a wood deck in minimal sunlight, and pressure washing is a simple way to make sure they go away and can’t grow back. 


Along with mold stains, your pool deck might come into contact with pool chemicals, fuel oils, and food grease. The sooner you pressure wash a pool deck to remove those stains, the more likely you are to remove those stains. A certified professional will know the correct pressure to use and how to safely use the sprayer to remove stains most effectively. 

Keeps Things Safe

Pool safety should be a top priority of every pool owner, and one way to do that is to pressure wash the pool deck. Algae is slippery and slimy, and you don’t even have to see it for algae to create a slippery walking surface. Other surface contaminants can make for an unsafe pool deck, but a professional pressure washer will have the knowledge and tools to make your deck safe to use.

Easier to Maintain

Pressure washing gives your pool deck a fresh, clean surface with less effort. That means that it’s easier to spot clean when spills happen, and you’ll be able to catch weeds before they become a problem. When you pressure wash a pool, it washes away stains that might be hiding the start of a crack or another problem. By catching maintenance problems right at the beginning, you often have a less extensive and less costly path ahead of you. 

Pressure Washing Made Easy

The licensed team at Triple Crown Pro Wash can pressure wash a pool deck and more! Hiring our certified professionals is the best way to ensure that your pool deck is cleaned fully and safely without damage. We use the industry’s best sprayers to make your pool deck sparkle as it should. Contact us for a free quote, and follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for more tips on maintaining your property through pressure washing.

Published: June 6, 2022
Author: Triple Crown Pressure Washing
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