July 1, 2022
6 Benefits of Pressure Washing Commercial Buildings
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Is Pressure Washing Commercial Buildings the Best Method?

If you own or manage a commercial property, you already know how much work goes into regular maintenance and improvements. You might be looking for a better way to clean the building’s exterior without all the time and effort. If so, you’ve probably considered pressure washing. But is it worth it? Are there better methods out there? Read to learn the benefits of pressure washing commercial buildings and why we think it’s the best method.

It’s Safer

Tall commercial buildings pose additional challenges when it comes to cleaning the exterior. In addition to the lack of proper equipment, there’s also your safety to consider. It takes extensive training to pressure wash tall buildings like warehouses and multi-story commercial properties. Therefore, finding a pressure washing specialist that works with your tall building is the safest choice since they’ll have the right insurance, training, and knowledge to clean while staying safe.

More Efficient

Pressure washer sprayers operate up to 3,000 PSI, making them an efficient method for removing grime. No matter the condition, pressure washing commercial buildings’ exteriors can remove layers of dirt, mold, pollen, and graffiti. Imagine scrubbing the exterior of a one-story building by hand. Now add in multiple structures and taller buildings, and you have a lot of work ahead of you. Instead, pressure washers work quickly to clean everything without any effort. Seasoned technicians will have the experience to form the most efficient plan to clean quickly without interrupting business.


A clean exterior is a healthier exterior! Pressure washing removes contaminants that could negatively affect customers, workers, and yourself. Cleaning your commercial building removes those contaminants that can cause everything from itchy eyes to respiratory problems.


If you’re located close to a freeway, your building probably faces a higher exposure to pollution. Maybe you run a fleet with constant oil changes and running engines producing exhaust. Pressure washing safely cleans away pollutants like car exhaust buildup, oil stains, and other vehicle fuels.


Have you ever woken up to a fine layer of pollen covering everything outside? For anyone with allergies, pollen season is an especially rough time. Cleaning pollen with pressure can help everyone in your building breathe a bit easier. The high-pressure sprayers remove pollen from every nook and cranny, leaving no trace behind.

Mold, Mildew, and Algae

Mold and algae aren’t just ugly. They can spread quickly in Florida humidity, quickly taking over your building. With effects ranging from eye irritation to breathing problems, it’s essential to keep mold far away. Pressure washing has the power to remove established mold and algae, stopping the problem right at the source. If necessary, your technician might use environmentally-friendly cleaners in addition to water pressure to kill off a mold problem quickly and safely.


Because pressure washing commercial buildings is so effective, it can help cut down on your yearly maintenance bill. How often you need it will depend on several factors like location and industry, but you can bet that investing in professional services will save you money in the long run. By paying a pro, you save on the hours of time that it would take you or an employee to scrub the exterior. Even then, you might miss some spots or end up making the problem worse, requiring professional help anyway.

Attracts Customers 

Curb appeal is real! It’s no secret that a well-maintained commercial building makes customers feel more welcome and more likely to come shop. Additionally, business partners and merchants will see that you like to keep things neat and clean. Either way, pressure washing will remove dirt, oil stains, and graffiti to increase your business relationships through a more inviting atmosphere. Even surrounding businesses will appreciate the extra care you take in maintaining your property.

Less Maintenance

Once a surface is clean, it’s easier to keep it that way. Since pressure washing removes every bit of buildup, it’s easier to spot clean between appointments. You’ll be able to see any problem areas, like cracks, and address them sooner to prevent more extensive damage. Mold doesn’t have a chance to find its way into a crack, damaging the building’s structure and interior. Additionally, there’s no worry about stains that could become permanent. When you leave it to a professional, there’s less maintenance and effort overall.

Commercial Pressure Washing in Southwest Florida

Are you curious about how pressure washing could improve your commercial building? Schedule a free consultation with Triple Crown Pro Wash, Southwest Florida’s #1 exterior cleaning service. Our certified technicians can address your needs and concerns, tailoring a custom plan to make your property look its best. From there, we can make a schedule for hassle-free, regular cleaning whenever it’s most convenient for you.  

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Published: July 1, 2022
Author: Triple Crown Pressure Washing
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