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We understand you may have many questions about how we pressure wash, its importance, and soft washing. Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions. If you don’t see an answer to your question here, please enter it here and we’ll email or call you with the answer asap.

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Pressure Washing


A.) It’s typically best to pressure wash your home once a year due to the speed in which mold, algae, and mildew can spread.

Q.) How often should my home be pressure washed?

A.) It’s typically best to pressure wash your home once a year due to the speed in which mold, algae, and mildew can spread.

Q.) Will a pressure washer damage my home?

A.) Yes, the high pressure of a pressure washer can absolutely damage your home. By hiring a professional pressure washing service you won’t have to worry about possibly damaging your home.

Q.) Does pressure washing use chemicals?

A.) From time to time pressure washing does require chemicals and soaps to help the process.

Q.) How long does it take to pressure wash an entire home?

A.) The time needed to pressure wash an entire home varies. For some homes, it can take about 30 minutes while others may take up to 2 hours. This all depends on the size of the home.

Q.) How much will a pressure wash cost?

A.) This is dependent on the size of the home, so we can’t provide a base price. However, we offer a free quote to help give you a proper pricing on how much it’d take to wash your home!

Soft Wash Roofs


Q.) What's the difference between Soft Washing and Pressure Washing?

A.) A pressure wash depends typically on high-pressure and a few chemicals or soap to clean the surface of an area.

However, a soft wash incorporates a weaker pressure and a combination of soaps, bleach, and water to help clean the area for a longer-term. A soft wash also provides a wider and gentler wash. This washing style also requires us to prepare the surrounding area before we begin the washing.

Q.) What's do the chemicals involved in soft washing do?

A.) The cleaning solution helps clean and break down the mold and grime you might find on a roof. This provides a deep clean to the roof itself.

Q.) Can My Clay Tile Roof Be Pressure Washed?

A.) No! Pressure washing a clay tile roof will crack or break the tiles and can cause extensive damage to your roof.

It might be tempting to pressure wash a clay tile roof to remove moss and other stuck-on dirt, but it will cause more harm than good. That’s why we employ a Pressure Soft Wash system to remove everything from dirt and debris to moss and mold.

A standard pressure washer uses 4000psi, compare that to a Pressure Soft Wash that uses 60psi. It still effectively gets the job done but without damaging your roof in the process.

Q.) How Often Should My Clay Tile Roof Be Cleaned?

A.) It is best to have a new clay tile roof cleaned within the first 4 to 5 years.  After that it depends on the roof, some will need it annually and others every 3 to 4 years depending on nearby elements, habitat and weather.

Q.) Will Moss Hurt My Roof?

A.) While it may look harmless, moss is one of the most important things to clean off your roof here in Florida.  Moss absorbs moisture and over time that moisture will get underneath the roof tiles and could cause rot and structural compromises under your roof.

Paver Sealing


Q.) Why is sealing my pavers important?

A.) By sealing your pavers you’ll help not only protect them from the elements, but you’ll also be able to provide more aesthetic finishes to them. Sealers can come in a variety of finishes like shiny or matte which will help improve the pavers’ color. This sealing will prevent weeds, sand, oil, and insects from moving into the cracks between pavers and displacing them.

Q.) Why wouldn't I just seal the pavers myself?

A.) If you’re not experienced with sealing pavers it is very likely that you’ll seal them unevenly. This will make the pavers look ugly and is an irreversible thing.

Q.) Do pavers need to be resealed?

A.) Absolutely! Pavers need to be resealed every 2 to 3 years to help keep them protected.

Commercial Washing


Q.) Do you work with commercial clients?

A.) Yes we do! Our services range from residential to commercial properties, and we understand the importance of the exteriors for both types of properties. Keeping a clean exterior for your business is vital to attracting customers and keeping your employees satisfied.

Q.) Is it necessary to pressure clean concrete?

A.) Absolutely. Concrete can become discolored over time due to mildew that can grow upon it. By using a high-quality pressure washer we can blast away the mildew and help the concrete look brand-new again.