December 5, 2022
How to Clean Stucco: Why Hiring a Professional is Best
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How to Clean Stucco

Stucco is one of the most common exterior housing materials for homes across Florida, but many homeowners face the same dilemma: how to clean it. The textured surface can attract more dirt, grime, mold, and other buildup than smooth material, and the thought of scrubbing it all by hand is daunting. So how do you clean stucco? The most efficient and thorough solution to a dirty exterior is often pressure washing. 

Why Hire a Professional to Clean Stucco?

Almost every hardware and home improvement store sells a huge selection of pressure washers, so why do you need a professional? Like many home improvement projects, power washing isn’t exactly a DIY solution. There is a lot of technique that goes into proper pressure washing, and doing the job the correct way may take more than you think.


More Efficient

Pressure washing experts have extensive training to get the job done the right way and fast. They already know how to use the machines, so they can work quickly and efficiently to remove buildup from all over your property. Before starting, they’ll assess your property to look for existing damage and areas that might need extra care. Then, they’ll use a unique blend of cleaners that aren’t available to consumers. The cleaners, along with industrial-grade equipment, work fast to fully clean stucco without any damage.

No Risk of Damage

Pressure washing is so effective because it uses a high-PSI sprayer to accomplish the task, but the thing that makes it work so well is also what makes it dangerous. The pressure can find its way into cracks, crumbling the stucco and causing damage. On top of the damage, water can enter into cracks which can introduce an entirely separate issue: mold and mildew. Once they find their way into the cracks, mold or mildew can eat away at your home’s structure and cause destruction that could require serious repairs or remodeling. Even more dangerous, though, is the bodily harm that high-pressure sprayers can cause. The pressure from water alone can puncture the skin and cause other bodily harm. You also should consider the chemicals used in cleaning. While not always used, a pro will know the proper ratios and types of cleaners to use that won’t harm your plants.

Skilled Technique

On top of the techniques professionals use to avoid damage, they’ll be able to apply those same techniques to remove every bit of dirt and mold. After assessing your stucco, they’ll be able to tune the sprayers to the proper pressure and add any cleaning solutions if necessary. They’ll protect surrounding landscaping and plant life while assuring that any cleaning agents will run far away from your lawn. A pro will know how to avoid windows and roofing, both of which could be damaged by a pressure sprayer.

Benefits of Pressure Washing Stucco

Pressure washing uses a high-pressure sprayer that quickly removes surface stains and other debris. Professionals recommend this method for cleaning stucco because it can get around all the texture to get to every last piece of grime, revealing a clean surface underneath. Best of all, pressure washing isn’t limited to stucco, and your pressure washing service has more tools at its disposal for different surfaces. 


Removes Mold, Dirt, and Allergens

Our climate is a natural habitat for mold, mildew, and algae to thrive, and your home’s exterior is no exception. Mold can be harmful to your health and can easily spread inside the home when it’s already living on the outside. Bacteria, pollen, and dirt also pose health risks, and pressure washing quickly removes them for a healthier environment.


Reduces Damage

Excess buildup on your stucco can be incredibly damaging. As dirt and mold build up on your stucco, small cracks quickly become more significant problems that might require repair. Keeping the surface clean reduces damage in the long run and gives you the benefit of noticing existing damage faster. That way, you can make minor repairs before they turn major. Although durable, clean stucco offers more longevity.


Improves Property Value

A well-maintained home retains and gains more value than one that’s neglected. As mentioned above, pressure washing removes stains and surface buildup to prevent cracks or damage to your stucco. As a result, clean stucco will last much longer, and it typically only takes one cleaning per year to maintain it. Then, once it comes time to sell, you don’t have to worry about lasting damage caused by mold, debris, or grime. Plus, it will take less effort to get your home ready for the market because of years’ worth of maintenance.

Stucco Cleaning in Southwest Florida

If you’re looking for a trusted and reliable stucco cleaning service in Southwest Florida, Triple Crown Pro Wash can help! Our licensed and insured team of pressure-washing experts can clean your home, business, roof, and more with our state-of-the-art equipment. We use eco-friendly cleaners to ensure the best result without environmental damage so you can feel safe and secure.


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Published: December 5, 2022
Author: Triple Crown Pressure Washing
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