October 3, 2022
How to Prepare for the Holidays at Your Shopping Center
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How to Prepare for the Holidays at Your Shopping Center

It seems that everyone is ready to prepare for the holidays earlier and earlier each year. That’s especially true at retail locations and shopping centers. With pandemic restrictions lifted nationwide, more people are planning to do their holiday shopping in person. You don’t have to go “all-in” on holiday décor; instead, focus on what your shopping center already has and do your best to spruce it up.

Holiday Preparation Tips

It’s Never too Early to Prepare

As mentioned above, it’s really never too early to start to prepare for the holidays. Get ahead of preparation before you expect a flood of customers because once they come, you’ll find it difficult to catch up. Up first, make a list of what you need to do, then stick to it! Having a plan will help you stay on track, and completing each task will help draw in more customers during the holidays.


Do all of your landscaping work before tackling the rest of the exterior tasks. That way, you don’t have to clean anything twice. Start with trees and hedges; trim dead branches and shape hedges, so they look clean and uniform. Do your flower beds look healthy, or are there dying plants mixed in? A little landscaping goes a long way, so make what you have to look its best to catch customers’ eyes as they walk or drive by.

Deep Clean

The best way to make your shopping center more inviting is too deep clean inside and out. You’ve heard of curb appeal in the real estate market, but it’s just as true for shopping centers. Customers want a clean, inviting place to do their shopping. If you are hunting for the most efficient way to cut down on the hard work of cleaning the exterior, then pressure washing is the way to go. Better yet, you can hire a company specializing in pressure washing commercial properties. They’ll know what you’re looking for and already have the equipment and know-how to remove stains and debris.


Your shopping center’s exterior can start to look grimy and dirty very quickly when ignored. Mold, dirt, pollen, and debris build-up. Even worse, once there’s already a layer of grime, it acts like a magnet to attract more buildup, insects, pests, and more. Depending on the material of your building, you can opt for pressure or soft washing. They’re different methods that achieve the same result: a clean, streak-free building. Pressure washing uses a high-pressure sprayer to blast away the layer of filth, while soft washing uses low-pressure mixed with environmentally-friendly cleaners. Make sure you consult an expert to discover which method is best for your shopping center. Otherwise, you could end up with damage and a whole new host of issues to deal with during the busiest time of the year.

Parking Lot & Walkways

Your building isn’t the only thing that can be pressure washed. Between algae growth, oil and grease stains, and weeds, your parking lot and walkways can use a good cleaning, too. Those surfaces are more prone to greasy stains and unattractive buildup, which could drive away customers. Another downside is that greasy parking lots or walkways could cause customers to slip and fall. Keeping those areas clean can prevent damage by removing weeds and algae that can cause cracks. It also makes any current damage more apparent so you can fix them before they become a bigger problem.


Most retail locations have daily cleaning checklists, but there are probably areas that get neglected throughout the year. Dust those hard-to-reach spots, clean under tables that haven’t been moved all year, and make sure your windows sparkle. That way, customers can see in from the outside.


Last but not least, it’s time to put up your decorations. If you don’t have any holiday-specific decorations, there’s no need to waste your budget on them. Simply putting posters in the windows of your holiday sales can draw in the customers by letting them know what you’re selling and what deals you have going. Even a few strings of lights on your trees give a festive feel that puts customers in the mood for spending.

Holiday Preparation Services in Southwest Florida

While we can’t decorate your shopping center for you, we at Triple Crown Pro Wash can do the dirty work to get you ready for the season. We’re Southwest Florida’s trusted commercial pressure washing service with the knowledge, training, and high-quality industrial equipment you need to prepare for the holidays. As fellow business owners, we completely understand the importance of making your commercial property shine, so we’ll treat you like family and get the job done to your satisfaction. Guaranteed! So contact us today for your free quote and more information on getting your shopping center ready for the coming holiday season.


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Published: October 3, 2022
Author: Triple Crown Pressure Washing
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