August 1, 2022
Is Cleaning Roofs Worth It?
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Is Cleaning Roofs Worth It?

As a homeowner, you have an ever-growing list of maintenance and upkeep items to take care of. If you’re starting to notice black streaks on your roof, it might be time to add roof cleaning to the list. Cleaning roofs isn’t just beneficial to the look of your home; it can have countless benefits to the actual structure of your roof.

How Roof Cleaning Works

If you think that cleaning your roof sounds dangerous, you’d be right. Cleaning roofs is one job best left to the professionals because of the hazards associated with any roof work. Instead of pressure washing like you might do to other areas of your exterior, roof cleaning involves a low-powered soft washing technique. Most shingles or Spanish tiles are fragile, and power washing could end up causing more damage. Instead, a roof cleaning technician will safely clean the roof with a low-pressure sprayer. When used with proper cleaning agents and surfactants, the tech is able to remove even stubborn buildup and stains from your roof effectively.  

If you’re worried about damage to the surrounding area, a trusted professional can ease that concern. A pro will carefully cover and protect any surrounding foliage, including flowers and produce, to ensure that nothing gets damaged during cleaning. Because roof cleaning often involves bleach for effectiveness, the last thing you want is to damage your landscaping, and an expert will ensure that doesn’t happen. They’ll make a clear path for runoff so no puddles or standing water can form while working quickly to get the job done.

5 Benefits of Cleaning Roofs

Lowers Your Energy Bill

Has your energy bill been slowly creeping up lately? Instead of rising temperatures, part of the problem could actually be your roof. Dark streaks on your roof absorb heat, causing rising temperatures inside your house. The simple solution is to clean your roof regularly to remove dirt and mold buildup. Soon, you’ll notice the cost-saving benefit of cleaning roofs and a more efficient AC.

Prevents Damage

Mold, algae, and dirt aren’t just an eyesore. They can also lead to damage, both to your roof and the rest of your home. By the time mold starts to grow, it will quickly spread by eating away at your shingles and displacing them. By the time mold gets under your shingles, you could have a much bigger problem on your hands in the form of a mold infestation. That’s because mold will thrive in the damp environment under your roof with a constant source of food in the form of your house’s structure, including wood beams and drywall. Algae is also problematic and damaging in that it can damage and displace your shingles, causing potential leaks and water damage.


Are you worried about the cost of cleaning roofs? It’s much more affordable than you think, especially long-term. When you routinely clean your roof, you’re saving yourself the hassle and major repair bills of a neglected, damaged roof. In addition, misplaced or broken shingles will be more apparent, allowing you to replace only a few instead of your entire roof. While it might sound more expensive upfront, be sure to book roof washing, not pressure washing. Pressure washing is ideal for your driveway and other areas outside your home, but trying to save on the cleaning bill will inevitably lead to more repairs down the road. 

Keeps Pests Away

Pests like insects are more attracted to a dirty surface, which in turn attracts larger pests like birds and rodents. Cleaning roofs can wash away spiderwebs and nests while discouraging critters from hanging around. Pests, especially larger ones, can also cause damage by treating your home as their own. Not only do insects and rodents cause damage, but they can also bring diseases into your home. Cleaning your roof removes existing pests while discouraging them from making your roof their home. A clean surface and bleach aren’t attractive to animals or insects, so keeping up with regular maintenance can stop them from being a problem.

Curb Appeal

Putting your house on the market can be a stressful time, and you want to do everything you can to ensure that a sale goes as smoothly as possible. One thing you can do to boost your curb appeal and show off your home’s value is to clean the roof. A clean roof will not only show potential buyers that your home is well-maintained, but it also can increase your property value. Buyers can see for themselves that your roof is in great condition, clean, and properly maintained, even from a distance.

Roof Cleaning in Southwest Florida

No matter how dirty your roof is, Triple Crown Pro Wash can help! Our licensed and insured technicians work with accuracy and precision to clean any type of roof. We’re experienced at cleaning exteriors in Southwest Florida, so contact us for your free quote today. Don’t forget to follow Triple Crown Pro Wash on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more home improvement tips.

Published: August 1, 2022
Author: Triple Crown Pressure Washing
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