May 2, 2022
Paver Cleaning and Sealing: How It’s Done
red brick pavers in herringbone pattern

Paver Cleaning and Sealing: How It’s Done

Investing in brick pavers can be a big investment, and you should know that you can take action to maintain their beauty and increase longevity. Brick is known for its durability and low need for maintenance, but wear and tear will still happen. You can prevent the majority of issues with paver cleaning and sealing. When done by a professional, you’ll keep your pavers looking fabulous while protecting your investment.

Can You Do It Yourself?

Why is it important to let a professional handle paver cleaning and sealing? First of all, cleaning the pavers uses a blend of chemicals to break down mold, algae, vehicle oils, and other types of contaminants. Professionals have access to biodegradable cleaners, along with the training and experience to use them properly. They’ll know the proper process to follow without harming themselves or their lawn and the surrounding environment. Pressure washing is also a hazardous process since it involves high-PSI machines that can break the skin and cause other injuries and damage. With their knowledge and high-quality equipment, paver sealing is one thing you can leave to an expert.


Paver cleaning and sealing is a process that takes two days and requires a sunny forecast. We’ll need one day just for the cleaning, which includes the drying time.

Chemical Wash

A technician will apply a unique and environmentally safe blend of cleaners to the entire paved area using a low-pressure sprayer. The purpose of this step isn’t to blast away surface grime but to get into the porous surfaces of the pavers to deeply clean. Because these stains are the ones that will degrade the look of your brick over time, it’s important to take the time to let the cleaners work their magic.

Pressure Wash

After giving the cleaners time to kill mold, break up oil stains, and loosen dirt, it’s time to wash it away. Your tech will switch to a heavy-duty machine with a higher PSI in this step. In addition, they’ll be able to adjust the pressure on the machine to spray everything away without damaging your beautiful pavers.

Air Dry

When pressure washing is complete, the techs will leave the surface alone to dry overnight. This will give the sealer a clean, dry surface where it can stick. In the morning, you’ll see the true beauty of your pavers shining through, ready to be sealed.


Finally, it’s time to seal. All that work on the first day gives a clean, stain-free slate that will last. Next, your technicians will switch back to low-pressure machines, evenly covering the pavers. They’ll make sure the sealer covers all cracks and surfaces to keep bricks where they should be. Once sealed, your pavers will be more resistant to shifting, helping them to last longer.

Common Questions About Paver Cleaning and Sealing

How often should I seal my pavers?

How often you should seal pavers can depend on a number of factors. If your pavers are in a commercial space, they probably get more foot traffic, spills, and weathering. That means more frequent cleaning and sealing are required. Residential spaces, however, can last up to 2-3 years or even longer after professional services. Not sure if it’s time? You can contact Southwest Florida’s professional team at Triple Crown Pro Wash for a free quote.

What are the benefits?

Along with keeping up the original look of your hardscape, paver cleaning and sealing will keep that look for longer while repelling dirt and hazardous buildup. From killing dangerous mold to keeping oils from getting inside the brick, sealing your pavers will help keep stains and health hazards at bay. Custom pavers can come at a high cost, so you can keep them looking like the day they were installed with routine maintenance.

Does it cause damage?

When done by a professional, paver sealing should never cause damage. The goal is to prevent chips and cracks, so the best way to avoid damage is to let a pro take care of it. They’ll be able to assess the right amount of pressure, cleaners, and sealer to use, leaving you with a beautiful and long-lasting finish for up to 2-3 years!

Should I seal new pavers?

After giving your pavers a few months to acclimate to your climate, you should absolutely seal your new pavers. Not only will you protect the original color of the brick, but you’ll also set them up for a lifetime of use.

Who should I call?

For professional paver sealing services that you can rely on, call the trusted team at Triple Crown Pro Wash. We’re fully licensed and insured, keeping you safe and giving you peace of mind while we work on your property. Our team is made of trained, experienced technicians that will give you amazing service and beautiful results. No matter the size of the area or where it is, we’ll give you quality service with proven results.

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Published: May 2, 2022
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