April 4, 2022
Soft Wash vs. Pressure Wash: Which is Better for Your Home?

How to Choose Between Soft Wash vs. Pressure Wash

Is your home’s exterior looking messy after pollen season? Looking to improve your curb appeal? There’s no wrong time to tackle exterior cleaning, and it’s a great way to make your home look great and reduce maintenance. But with different methods to choose from, how do you know whether you should pick between a soft wash vs. pressure wash? While you could just do it by hand, both are professional methods for cleaning your exterior from the ground up.

There are a few sure ways to know that your home needs exterior cleaning. Of course, it’s always a good idea when you’re putting your home in order to give the best first impression. However, if you’ve been in the home for a while, you can take a walk around your home. Does your siding look dull or discolored? Are there black or brown streaks on your roof? Maybe the sidewalk is starting to look green. With the right type of wash, the machine can blast away dirt and grime to restore the look of your home.

Pressure Wash Pros and Cons

Pressure washing is, without a doubt, one of our most popular services. When given the choice of soft wash vs. pressure wash, most will choose pressure washing simply because it’s more well-known. While it isn’t right for every surface or situation, pressure washing is extremely effective in cleaning many types of areas. As the name implies, a pressure washer uses high pressure to blast contaminants from the surface of hard surfaces like concrete or brick. Due to the extremely high pressure, this method can damage certain softer areas around the exterior.


  • Because of its high PSI, a pressure washer is extremely effective at blasting away dirt, grime, and mold fast.
  • Pressure washers mainly rely on the pressure from the water itself, so there are no harmful chemicals or runoff.
  • High pressure can penetrate the surface of porous materials like concrete, removing buildup from inside as well as the surface.


  • Pressure washers in inexperienced hands can cause bodily harm ranging from bruising to abrasions.
  • Water can blast underneath siding or shingles, which may not be immediately apparent. This opens the door to mold and structural damage.

Soft Washing Pros and Cons

Soft washing is a gentle and effective method of cleaning an exterior. Because there’s little to no pressure involved, the risks are much lower. However, like pressure washing, a soft wash isn’t right for every material.


  • Soft washing has little to no risks for damage or injury when done by a professional. Dirt and streaks are gently washed away without high pressure.
  • Soft washing uses a combination of cleaners to kill mold and mildew before washing it away, so there’s less chance it can spread.


  • The only con to consider is the use of chemicals. However, when left to professionals, they’ll know how to protect your environment by using biodegradable chemicals.

Benefits of Exterior Cleaning

An experienced professional can determine whether you need soft wash vs. pressure wash, and the solution is that you often need both! Combining the two services will give you the most complete clean since it will reach all areas.

  • The most obvious benefit is making your home look amazing. You might have forgotten the true color of your siding, and a good clean will make that look last longer. Plus, it will attract buyers when they can see that your home is well-maintained.
  • From mold to bacteria, the surfaces outside your home can attract all kinds of harmful buildup. Mold can grow on siding, under shingles, and between cracks in a sidewalk. Removing all that dirt and grime is good for your health and the integrity of your home. Instead of giving mold a gateway into your home, proper washing eliminates that threat.
  • Both pressure and soft washing take far less time than cleaning by hand. Professional cleaners are well-trained and experienced, so they can make short work of all surfaces. They’ll know which spots need extra attention so that the job is done correctly.
  • With dirt and grime out of the way, you can get a good look at the parts of your home that might need repairs. On top of that, your home will also require fewer repairs and less maintenance since a dirty home is more prone to damage.

Why You Need a Professional

When it comes to your home, some types of maintenance are best left to the experts. At Triple Crown Pro Wash, we can explain soft wash vs. pressure wash in detail and whether you need one or both. Our team is highly trained with access to industrial-grade machines and chemicals with guaranteed results. We know how to help you choose the service that’s right for you and get your home looking great.

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Published: April 4, 2022
Author: Triple Crown Pressure Washing
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