March 7, 2022
Spring Cleaning Tips for the Outdoors
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Spring Cleaning Tips for the Outdoors


There’s never a better time than spring in Florida to take advantage of the weather and do some spring cleaning! Most people focus on decluttering around the house and doing a deep clean inside. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do some maintenance and spring cleaning outdoors. You can use these spring cleaning tips year-round, too!


Since we enjoy warm weather through the winter months, “spring cleaning” is really only a symbolic term. But just because we aren’t cleaning up winter muck doesn’t mean that we can’t participate. As we reach the end of the cooler months and start to feel summer approaching, you can also focus on your outdoor space. You’ll improve the look of your outdoor area, reduce allergens, and create more curb appeal if you’re on the market.




Start at the very top- the roof – whenever you’re cleaning your home’s exterior. That way, you can work your way down and not worry about washing dirt onto a freshly cleaned area. Because of safety concerns, it’s not recommended to clean your roof. Hiring a professional service like Triple Crown Pro Wash reduces your risk of injury and property damage. We use a special blend of chemicals while protecting surrounding plants and property, then soft wash the roof to remove pollen, mold, mildew, and streaks.


Exterior Walls


With so much surface area, your home’s exterior is sure to gather pollen, grime, and dirt. One heavy rain can splash mud along the base of your home. Such a large area is most quickly cleaned through pressure washing. You could do it yourself, but know that it takes practice and can come with the risk of damaging your home. Hiring professionals like Triple Crown Pro Wash is a safe bet since the experts know what they’re doing and can work a lot faster. Plus, they have access to professional-grade cleaners and high PSI sprayers.


Windows & Doors


While you clean your windows and doors, keep an eye out for a few specific areas that can gather dirt and grime. Check seals to keep your AC efficient during summer and make sure all sliding windows and doors are still on their tracks. All it takes to clean windows or glass doors is a window cleaner, squeegee, and some elbow grease. You should call a professional service for higher windows or areas that are too dangerous to reach on your own.




Is your fence looking a little grimy? Remove dead leaves, lawn clippings, and other yard debris from the area. If it’s a wood fence, you can make it look new by painting or staining then sealing the fence. Other types of fences like vinyl should be hosed off and scrubbed to make them shine.


Pool Area


Now’s a perfect time to use spring cleaning tips to get the pool ready for upcoming summer fun. A big investment might take more work for upkeep, but the payoff is worth it. Mop your pool deck to remove dirt, or call a professional pressure washing team. Professionals can even spray the screens and pool cages while they’re at it, using high PSI machines to quickly remove grime.


Sidewalk & Driveway


Keeping walkways clear and clean doesn’t just look good. It can also prevent slips! A big push broom is great for cleaning up concrete, but sometimes that doesn’t cut it. Pressure washing makes quick work of buildup on your walkways and washing away allergens like pollen and mold. Do you have pavers on your property? We can seal them with our paver sealing service. You can clean up your paved walkway and increase its lifespan all in one step with this option.


Patio Furniture & Decorations


Rinsing off your patio furniture is usually sufficient to remove dust and dirt from going unused. Cleaning off your patio furniture is just one small detail that makes a lot of difference. Spray off birdbaths, dog houses, and other decorations to give your yard a clean, cohesive look.


Garden & Sheds


If you keep a garden, you’ll want to have the beds prepared early. Clear out any plants left over from last year, along with leaves and branches that made their way there. Do you want your shed to match your home’s exterior? Pressure washing works on sheds, too, so don’t hesitate to ask your pressure washing service if they can spray it while they’re there.


How Triple Crown Pro Wash Can Help


Whether you choose to do some of the hard work yourself or hire the pros to do it all, these spring cleaning tips will get your outdoor area ready for sunny days to enjoy. Triple Crown Pro Wash can pressure wash, soft wash, or seal pavers for your home or business in Southwest Florida.


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Published: March 7, 2022
Author: Triple Crown Pressure Washing
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