November 9, 2021
What Surfaces Can Be Power Washed Safely?

What Surfaces Can Be Power Washed Safely?

We created this post to answer all the questions commonly asked about whether certain items or surfaces can be power washed. Read on to learn what you can and cannot power wash safely.

Can You Power Wash Vinyl Siding?

Yes. Power washing machines clean vinyl siding much quicker than scrubbing it by hand. It is a great idea to wash vinyl siding with a power washer, but the machine should always be operated by an experienced or trained user.

Can You Power Wash Aluminum Siding?

Yes. Aluminum cleans up great with the help of a power washing machine. You should still proceed with caution even though aluminum is a harder surface than vinyl. Using too high of a pressure setting can dent or remove paint on aluminum siding, so you must be careful.

Can You Pressure Wash Stucco?

Yes. Stucco is a much softer material than vinyl or aluminum, but it can be pressure washed. We clean stucco with a soft-wash method that employs the use of specialized cleansers to do most of the work. We then use a light yet appropriate pressure from the power washing wand to rinse off the lifted contaminants.

Can You Power Wash Brick?

Yes. Because brick is porous, algae and other contaminants soak into the brick siding and even start to eat away at the mortar or grout. Soft washing brick is a safe way to not only restore its look but keep it protected.

Can You Power Wash Concrete?

Yes. Concrete, like brick, is also porous like a sponge. Over time, dirt, grime, and a host of other contaminants soak into concrete surfaces, causing discoloration. Using a safe pressure, power washing is an excellent method to flush out the pores of the concrete to get it looking like new.

Can You Pressure Wash Pavers?

Yes. You can safely power wash pavers to release soils and other contaminants on the surface. Loose sand will almost certainly come up through the power washing process, but to have the joints refilled is relatively inexpensive.

Can You Power Wash a Roof?

No. You cannot power wash a roof. Shingles are incredibly soft and pressure should not be used when cleaning. However, treatment can be safely applied to kill any existing algae, moss, or lichens. Using a power washing attachment that allows our treatment to spray the roof at the same pressure you would get from the average garden hose, we treat thousands of roofs every year.

Can You Power Wash Windows?

Yes. You can use a power washer to wash windows, but nothing beats a microfiber cloth and squeegee. When power washing windows, you must take care not to force water underneath the window.

Can You Power Wash Furniture?

Kind of. Some lawn furniture can be power washed, but only with light pressure. We avoid cleaning exterior furniture because the risk of damage is high.

Can You Power Wash a Car?

Yes. You can use a power washing machine to clean your car, but be careful. You never want to use high pressure on your car because doing so will drive contaminants into the topcoat. It’s best to rinse the car first with a hose to remove the larger contaminants.

Can You Pressure Wash Rugs?

No. A carpet scrubber is a better option to wash rugs. If you powerwash your rug, you could damage it.

Can You Power Wash a Refrigerator?

No. We wouldn’t recommend power washing a refrigerator, as you could strip the paint. The better option would be to use a quality general-purpose cleanser followed by disinfectant bleach.

Can You Pressure Wash a Grill?

Kind of. You can use a pressure washer to clean a grill, but it’s not going to be easy. It can be done, but expect some hand scrubbing with a steel brush. Also, be wary of the cleanser you are using. After all, you will be using the grill to prepare food.

Published: November 9, 2021
Author: Suite Edge
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