December 6, 2021
7 Reasons Why You Should Pressure Wash Your Home
Why You Should Pressure Wash Your Home

7 Reasons Why You Should Pressure Wash Your Home

Ever wonder why you should pressure wash your home? With all the physical and financial responsibilities that come with owning a home, it can be easy to view pressure washing as an unnecessary extravagance. However, the reality is that pressure washing should be a crucial part of every homeowner’s regular home maintenance routine. 

Pressure washing is a highly efficient and effective way to protect your home’s exterior against the passing of time. However, if you’re unsure if pressure washing will benefit your home or how it will benefit your home, then look no further. Pressure washing has numerous benefits, and we are here to provide you with the top 7 reasons you should consider pressure washing your home! 


1. Protects Your Home

Your home’s exterior protects you against the numerous harsh elements of nature and might need a little thank you in return. Algae, mildew, dirt, mold, moss, grease, car exhaust, bird doo-doo, and chemical residues can build up over time and are potentially dangerous to the structural integrity of your home. Removing these biological pests can keep your home happy and healthy for many years to come!


2. Prevents Damage

No homeowner wants a damaged home. However, allowing your exterior to deteriorate can lead to deterioration inside your home, such as leaks and rot, which can cost you thousands of dollars to repair. Likewise, allowing mold to sit for extended periods can cause costly damage. Mold feeds off of paint and finishes, effectively removing them from the surface of your home. Pressure washing is a cost-effective way to prevent future expensive repairs. 


3. Hey Beautiful – Curb Appeal (AKA the general attractiveness of your home)

Considering putting your home on the market? You may want to consider giving your home a pressure washing pampering treatment. Pressure washing your siding can give your home an extra little make-over and improve your home’s overall appearance. Pressure washing can also be the difference between closing the sale or not. Built-up residual dirt and debris can make your home look old and unattractive! Transform your home into a new, trendy beauty with a pressure wash! 

Consumer Reports highlights that a well-done pressure washing accompanied by a paint touch-up and exterior enhancements add value to your home by 2-5%! Buyers aren’t tempted to look inside when unattracted to the outside!

Even if you are not considering selling, pressure washing restores the appearance of your home and can provide a fresh look helping you feel pride in your home and boosting the value of your community! First impressions are instant; let’s make yours a good one! 


4. To Your Health!

While the esthetics of your home is important, it is even more essential to protect your and your family members’ health by removing mildew, dust, and mold that can make you sick. Annually pressure washing your home can remove harmful substances making your home safer for your family and pets. Millions of children and adults experience seasonal allergies in the United States. The ACAAI, American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology, identifies the most common allergic triggers as pollen, mold spores, and dust mites. A well-done pressure wash can remove these allergic triggers. Want to help your family breathe easier come spring? Pressure washing might be your miracle cure! 


5. Preparation for Renovation

Is your home in need of a new paint job? Before you begin your renovation adventure, it is vital to remove all dirt, build-up, and debris that can cause you heartache in the later stages of renovations. As the renovation expenses add up, it might be tempting to skip the crucial step of pressure washing; however, starting with a clean, smooth surface will give you the best long-term results. Any paint, sealant, stain, or varnish you add to an improperly cleaned surface is likely to peel and bubble, creating more work and more expense in the long run!


6. Saves Money!

We understand, spending money on pressure washing doesn’t sound quite as appealing as that Disney World vacation, but being a proactive homeowner will save you money in the long run!

Make pressure washing part of your regular, consistent maintenance routine, and take years off of an older home, keeping it looking new for years to come! It can also prevent costly future repairs saving you money down the road. In addition, pressure washing costs less than needing to refinish or repaint your home due to unchecked mold growth.


7. Saves Time

Your time is money, and your time is valuable! You balance work commitments, family commitments, and personal commitments. Highly efficient pressure washing is an ideal way to clean the exterior of your home. Additionally, hiring professional pressure washers means saving you hours. The hours add up between finding and mixing cleaning solutions, obtaining and climbing ladders, and scrubbing for hours at stubborn stains. Professional pressure washers can accomplish a job in minutes that would take you hours! Save your time for family outings, backyard BBQs, or relaxing on the couch, and leave the dirt removal to us!

Ready to pamper your home and take advantage of the benefits of pressure washing? We highly recommend you hire a professional instead of attempting to complete this task yourself. Pressure washing can be dangerous to your health and your home if done incorrectly. Let our experienced team at Triple Crown Pro Wash take care of the dirty work for you! Contact us today! 

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Published: December 6, 2021
Author: Triple Crown Pressure Washing
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